Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Working Wednesdays: Ultrasounds for India

Working Wednesdays is a new blog feature in which we'll tell you about something we're working on this week.

Sign above the hospital gate.
Last year, our executive board approved the purchase of ultrasound equipment for the Emmanuel Rural Hospital in Cachar, Assam, India. In 2009, our president Tom Lothamer had visited there to present the concept of pro-life ministries, and in 2010 Dr. Lamina Singh formed a group of four people to pray and read books on helping people concerning abortion. Since then, several women have chosen life. Ultrasound has been useful in their work, but their current equipment is old and in bad shape.

This August, we received a $10,000 foundation grant to use toward one of our mission projects and earmarked it for the ultrasound project. When Tom called our medical equipment supplier, he said he'd just received a nearly new ultrasound machine originally valued at $22,000 but now available for only $9,000. Tom then called Dr. Singh, who said their ultrasound equipment had just died!

God knew their need and was already supplying an answer to their prayer. We're thrilled to be able to purchase the equipment for them and have a part in their continued outreach! In a few weeks it will be on its way to India.


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