Thursday, September 20, 2012

Thankful Thursday: Donors

Another new feature of the blog is Thankful Thursdays in which we'll express our gratitude for some blessing of the current week. We're always blessed by our donors, but yesterday was marked by some very special and personal donations.

Come visit us at 5075 Clay SW in Grand Rapids, MI!
First, we were finally able to put up a new sign that a friend made for us to help people find our office. We're located in an industrial area; without a sign out at the road, visitors could be lost. Thank you, Dale Echavarria of Dreambuilder Planter Media!

Inside, we were bustling with reinforcements in the form of three volunteers. These women come in regularly to assist our staff. What would we do without their gifts of time and special skills? Their presence with us is encouragement alone. Thank you, Lord, for Jenny, Julie, and Pat!

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