Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thankful Thursday: Sidewalk Counselors

This morning our staff prayed together outside the abortion clinic, and we came away thankful for the sidewalk counselors -- the two who were there this morning, and all the others who try to be there each time the clinic is open.

These men and women endure all sorts of weather -- this morning was sunny but chilly -- and the reactions of people who are not happy to see them. But there are people who are glad they're there: women feeling pressured into abortion, dads who wish their wives or girlfriends would not abort, friends who drive friends to the clinic but wish they knew what to say.

They are the last line of defense that a baby has before being aborted. Many, many lives have been saved as a result of their patience, persistence, gentleness, boldness. Several moms have come to Christ as a result of their witness. Grand Rapids -- indeed the whole region -- is blessed to have them there. (Women come to the city from all over West Michigan to have their abortions here, through 22 weeks gestation.)

We're also grateful for the good relationship the sidewalk counselors have with our local pregnancy care centers. The PCCs provide ultrasound scans and additional counseling that supplement the care and support that the sidewalk counselors give.

If you'd like to become one of the many people who support the sidewalk counselors in prayer, sign up to receive their email updates and prayer requests.

Postscript: Sidewalk counselors reported that later Thursday morning a woman who was seemingly under a lot of pressure to abort left the clinic rejoicing in her choice for life! Praise the Lord!!

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