Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday Feature: Cradles of Grace

One of our local partner ministries is Cradles of Grace. Over the years, we've consulted with the director, Carol Lubs, and advised their board on various matters.

It's rather unique, as pro-life ministries go. Not a pregnancy care center, it fosters long-term mentoring relationships between young pregnant women and older, wiser adults. Mentors walk with clients throughout their pregnancies and up to one year following delivery. Here's a description in their own words:
With the support of Cradles of Grace, women are empowered to return to school or gainful employment, and to find a church community that loves them and walks with them throughout their life. They are equipped to make good choices about relationships: first and foremost their relationship with Jesus. 
Also, under the covering of God and His people, Cradles’s women have been able to remove themselves from abusive and unsafe relationships. Women who have Godly mentors in their lives are better equipped to not depend upon unhealthy partnerships. To meet these goals, specifically, Cradles offers a pregnancy life-coach, a mentor, who meets weekly with her client for up to two years. 
Cradles also currently offers centers in two different church locations. These centers are places to be with other single pregnant women, to learn more about Christ, and to receive Biblically based education in healthy relationships, sexual integrity, parenting, life skills, and the option of adoption. In addition, Cradles provides one-on-one weekly counseling with a Biblical counselor.
Cradles of Grace periodically sends out prayer reminders. A recent one mentioned that one of their centers is studying the book Boundaries, by Cloud and Townsend. "Our clients are studying what a boundary is and how to take responsibility for their lives." Pray for the clients and volunteers, and for Cradle's upcoming banquet.

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