Monday, September 10, 2012

British Woman Calls Indian Surrogate She Hired a "Receptacle"

British Woman Calls Indian Surrogate She Hired a "Receptacle" | ‘Our baby has no biological connection to the surrogate,’ says Octavia. ‘Her womb is just the receptacle in which it is being carried. Perhaps it sounds cold and rather clinical, but this is a business transaction….

‘Of course I want her to do her best to have a successful pregnancy, and I’ll be very upset — quite devastated, in fact — if it doesn’t go full-term. But we do not want to get emotionally involved with our surrogate’s story. I’m not interested in her background. I don’t want to be part of her life. She speaks a different language. She lives in a world culturally, economically and socially so remote from ours that the distance between us is unbridgeable.'

Editor: Biological colonialism indeed.

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