Monday, September 10, 2012

Church blesses with gifts in honor of babies

Opening the mail this morning we were pleasantly surprised by a note from the of First Baptist Church in Sherman, NY. And saddened. Pastor Paul Sears wrote:
It is with joy and sorrow we send this gift to the ministry. Annually we have sent a gift to you to celebrate the births in our church family. We anticipated having two little ones this September, but in August little Jacob VanValkenburg went to heaven from his mommy's womb. This was a great disappointment to all of us, but God's grace carried his parents and us through.
Last evening Levi Hudson Crouch arrived into this world. It is the first baby for these excited parents and our church family is excited for a new little life as well. 
This gift is a memorial and a celebration gift of life and love from the First Baptists Church of Sherman family.
What a blessing to be remembered by this church on such occasions! Our hearts go out to Jacob's family. We trust God's grace will carry them through. And congratulations to Levi's mom and dad; may he know Christ's love at an early age.

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