Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Working Wednesday: Promoting partnerships

These last couple months, the staff (especially Sharlene and Sue Ellen) have been doing a boatload of work related to our partnerships with pregnancy care centers -- mainly those in the US. That has included reviewing and revising our association policies, developing new benefits of association, and reminding current partners it's time to renew association for another year. Today we're finalizing the design of a brochure that will be sent to 700+ centers around the country inviting them to consider a new partnership with us.

What does it mean to be an associate of Life Matters Worldwide? It means a center shares our belief that true compassion ministry is accompanied by the Gospel and reflects the totality of biblical principles and godly characteristics. It means the center meets our criteria for association, including alignment with our Statement of Faith and Standards of Operation.

Most of the PCCs that you find listed on our website are current or past associates. Although some have never been associated with Life Matters, we have first-hand acquaintance with their leaders and feel we can vouch for their quality and integrity.

The bottom line is, we want women to find help nearby when they need it. And, when a center associates with us, we gain the benefit of fellowship with like-minded individuals and ministries -- spurring each other on in love and good deeds.

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