Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Tuesday prayer: For deeds that match speech

Photo: Kibera slum, Kenya Ministry of Housing
As I was writing yesterday's Musing, I kept thinking about the email I'd received that morning from Bentina, in Kenya. She works as a pregnancy care center worker in the notorious Kibera slum, Africa's largest.

Bentina was trained for this work by former ABWE missionaries Russ and Mary Huff and Gary and Mary Jane Strange, who had received their training in pro-life ministry from us.

She wrote: "In my office there is a street girl who opts to give out her baby for adoption. She will deliver in January but she wishes not to look at or even breastfeed the baby. Am not aware of any adoption org[anization] that can help. . . . Join hands to help the innocent creature of God."

I've got my feelers out for any adoption agencies I can tell her about, but I'd love to do more. Would you at least join me in praying for this young pregnant mom and her baby? Would you also pray for Bentina who, with so little of this world's goods, nevertheless follows the Lord's injunctions about deeds matching faith. She's an example to us all! May God encourage every one of her good deeds and words. (2 Thess. 2:16-17)

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