Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Working Wednesday: One of those days

We've all had them. Days when nothing seems to work -- the copier, the computer, the database program. Days when metaphors like spinning wheels and boulders rolling back down mountains come to mind. Yesterday was one of them around here.

I was, thankfully, off for the day, but others in the office were not so blessed. They had to deal with news that crucial paperwork had been lost and that people who said they had something under control didn't. Just when it seemed certain tasks could be checked off the "to do" list and they could get on with "the next big thing," these staff members were sucked back in to caring for details they thought were long off their plates!

So please pray for the resolution of matters . . . favor with officials . . . preservation of good humor and grace.

Pray also for Tom and Nancy as they head to Florida tomorrow for some vacation time and meetings with donors.

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