Friday, October 12, 2012

Friday feature: Salva Una Vida

Tom Lothamer, Life Matter's president,
with Carlos and Karen Feijoo.
Eight or so years ago, Life Matters Worldwide (then Baptists for Life) was asked to pitch in to "save" a struggling pregnancy care center in Quito, Ecuador. After several training trips, much consultation, prayer, new leadership, and the provision of resources -- including ultrasound equipment -- Salva Una Vida (Save A Life) is now thriving.

Missionaries Carlos (a doctor) and Karen Feijoo (a nurse) direct the ministry. Carlos also conducts abstinence education in the schools, which has always been a strong feature of this center.

How you can pray for this center:
  • Their bylaws are under review by the government. Pray that this process would go smoothly.
  • Ask God to bring local churches alongside the center to supply funding and volunteers.
Find them on Facebook.

Update from an email 10/13/12:
Six junior year nursing students from the Central University School of Nursing (which is run by the government) will be doing a month long clinical rotation at Salva Una Vida. We will have a new group each month from now through January. We are very excited about this . . . opportunity to teach them Biblical values in regards to sexuality. . . . One of the students this week was very moved after we did some teaching on abortion and she shared with us that she had an abortion 4 years ago, and she has never been able to be at peace since. She wants to start the post-abortion Bible study next week...what an amazing opportunity to share the love of Jesus!
On Monday we will be going to a shelter to give a conference for girls ages 12-17 who have been rescued from sex trafficking. A woman who went through the post abortion Bible study with us over a year ago works at this shelter, so that is how the contact was made. This shelter is funded by the government so we were very surprised to receive this invitation and we are asking God for wisdom as we share this time with them.
Last week G, a beautiful young woman who we helped through her pregnancy 3 years ago, visited us with her precious 3-year-old Emily. She is feeling the need to know more about Jesus and came to see if she could come back to do some more Bible study with us and also wanted to know if she could be involved somehow to help other girls who are going through what she went through! . . .
This week M, a 15-year-old who is in her 9th week of pregnancy, came for counseling and support. She has been kicked out of her home, has dropped out of school, works at a beauty shop and so part of our plan is to make contact for her to get into a home for teen moms that is run by another Christian ministry here in Quito. We are praying that details will work out and that she will be able to understand how much Jesus loves her.

V is a precious 23 -year-old woman who came to the center this week. Her heart was breaking and the tears did not stop during the hour and a half we were together. She has had 3 abortions and the shame and guilt has become overwhelming. She is very open to doing the post abortion Bible study...first step was to tell her how much Jesus loves her and that He can forgive her past. Please pray for V as she begins this process. 
God has brought 4 women who have begun the volunteer training process which is so encouraging to us. The more volunteers, the more people we are able to offer help to! Pray that they would sense confirmation from God that this is an area of ministry He wants them to share in.

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