Thursday, October 4, 2012

Thankful Thursday: Friends from Uganda

Ben and Veronica got to meet each
other in our office today!
Today we're thankful for two friends from Uganda. One is our new intern, Benjamin David, who is about to graduate from Calvin College in Grand Rapids and will be helping us in the area of videography. An AIDS orphan, he came to this country when he was a teenager. He'll be in the office later today.

At lunch, a couple of us will be hosting an old friend --Veronica Nakyewe who is the director of The Comforter's Centre in Kampala and in town for a few days. Her fascinating story began before she was born, when her mother attempted an abortion, and continues through her conversion to Christ to today's fruitful ministry in a pregnancy care center.

We praise God for how He gifted both of them and brought them on long journeys to pro-life ministry.

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