Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Working Wednesday: Busy, busy

It's "hump day" in a week with many things going on.
  • Tom and Rebecca (Director of Operations) are preparing next year's budget for the board meeting this Saturday. 
  • Since the name change, we're still working out some fine details -- updating the website and updating documents. The work is tedious and time-consuming, but much needed. 
  • Another big project is making new brochures for our various areas of ministry. We're grateful to have a new intern, Alyssa, who is skilled in marketing and design.
The busyness around the office reminds us that God is at work in us, and allowing us to reach out to others.

One other thing to add:
  • At prayer time today we learned that Sharlene is struggling to devise webinar topics that will clearly communicate our values and help our associated pregnancy care centers. Please pray for her during this important process.

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