Thursday, May 24, 2012

Why Americans are becoming more pro-life

Why Americans are becoming more pro-life - Guest Voices - The Washington Post: The polling shows that rather than embracing abortion with increasing gusto, Americans--especially young Americans--are rejecting it with increasing disgust, and not just for religious reasons. Why?

  1. First, the fetus has been humanized. Modern science has helped us to understand with intricate detail the amazing phenomenon that occurs at the moment of fertilization.
  2. Second, we have seen the way abortion is used in the world to undermine the rights of women, whether it is forced abortion in Chinagender-selective abortion worldwide or its concentration among poor and minority women.
  3. Finally, the pro-life movement has caught on to the importance of framing. You can’t win a debate if you are trying to take away the “rights” of a group.

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