Thursday, May 24, 2012

Obama could have a prayer among Ohio's white evangelicals

White evangelical voters in Ohio could leave Obama an in - Los Angeles Times: The Rev. Chris Beard is a theological conservative, make no mistake about it. He believes the Bible is the word of God. He believes the Holy Spirit speaks to him directly. He believes, as an article of faith, that abortion and same-sex marriage are wrong.

White evangelical voters are widely presumed to march in lock step with the right wing of the Republican Party. The reality is more nuanced. Some, like Beard, say their faith has led them to question conservative orthodoxy on issues such as immigration, the environment and racial and economic equity. "Evangelicals," he said, "are quickly discovering the whole Gospel. And that has implications for how we engage the public sphere."

Editor: This sounds a lot more like "white guilt." Funny how some pastors have only now just discovered biblical justice -- in time to overthrow concern for unborn babies, the ultimate victims of injustice. I'd like to know if this pastor's church has been supporting the local pregnancy care center all these years. Or not.

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