Thursday, May 24, 2012

D.C. pastor tries to balance spiritual and political roles

D.C. pastor tries to balance spiritual and political roles - The Washington Post: To Derrick Harkins, pastor of 19th St. Baptist Church in DC and DNC point man on religion, much of the Democratic platform is about “being our brother’s keeper [and] compassion.” He added that the party “doesn’t revolve around one or two hot-button issues. I think we need to understand that values are not the property of one party. I reject the premise that one party is of the greater value than the other.”

When Harkins was appointed by the DNC in October, some Democrats questioned the choice. Nevertheless, prominent gay leaders in the party spoke out in his support. In an e-mail published last year by the Washington Blade, Harkins called himself “a strong defender of the rights of all people, including LGBT people. I consistently state, from the pulpit and elsewhere, that there is never a time when words or actions that dehumanize or marginalize any individual have a place in our life as a church and faith community,” Harkins wrote.

Editor: What about the unborn individual?

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