Friday, May 25, 2012

Human Rights Watch: End Abortion Ban for Military Women

Human Rights Watch: US: End Abortion Ban for Military Women: According to Human Rights Watch (the group that touts Chen Guangcheng as a hero but doesn't recognize the content of his dissent, "The US government should allow US servicewomen who are rape survivors to make their own decisions about their pregnancies. On May 24, 2012, the US Senate Armed Services Committee will consider a proposal under a military funding bill that would end the ban on military insurance coverage for abortion in cases of rape and incest."

Editor: Let's see what's wrong with this statement. First, there is no ban on abortions for military women. There is only a ban on tax dollars paying for them. Women in the military can decide to have abortions, they just have to pay for them themselves. How about my rights as a tax-payer? Why should you take away my right to decide what I want to subsidize?

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