Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wait No More: One Family's Amazing Adoption Journey

A little boy needed a home. An infant girl needed a mother's love. A toddler was trapped in the insecurity of foster care. A tiny girl had no family.

Kelly and John Rosati never expected to adopt four such children through the US foster care system, but God's plan turned out to be more extraordinary than they could have dreamed.

Wait No More follows them on their journey through the child welfare system. The picture it paints is not always pretty and may discourage anyone who harbors romantic ideas of what it might be like to rescue a child. Readers are challenged by the desperate needs of children and the realities of how hard it can be for an abandoned or abused child to assimilate into the fold of a loving family. Nevertheless, Kelly and John -- along with Daniel, Anna, Joshua, and Hope -- heartily agree that adoption is beautiful.

At times, the authors seem to offer "too much information" and risk emotionally exhausting readers, but it's heartening to learn the book was written with all the Rosati kids' approval, even though they are still quite young and it meant they would first have to learn some of the hard details of the story of their adoptions. "They made it clear that if our family's story would help other kids and families, they were okay with it."

The Rosati's clearly want to promote adoption through the foster care system, but don't mind disabusing us of the myths and warning of the perils. They're using the book to advance the work of Focus on the Family's Wait No More program, which works to connect Christian families with "legal orphans trapped in foster care."

Did you know there are over 114,000 children in the US waiting for families to adopt them? Meanwhile, there are more than 300,000 churches. "If only one family in every other church would adopt a waiting child, we could eliminate the list of waiting children." A poignant and stirring challenge, indeed.

Acknowledgment: Tyndale House Publishers provided me with a complimentary copy of this book.

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