Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sex and Character

Sex and Character: John Milton knew that sex was God’s idea. God created sex, for a reason. Satan knows that too. But Satan wants human beings to miss the real purpose of sex. He wants us either to be obsessed with sex, or to pretend it doesn’t exist. Either error serves his destructive ends well.

. . . Duran and Cole’s book Sex and Character teaches teenagers about the painful realities of sexually-transmitted disease, acquaintance rape, pornography, unwanted pregnancy, and the downside of sex before marriage. . . . How do kids resist sexual temptation? Not by pretending their desires don’t exist, or that their sexuality is bad and something to be denigrated. Rather, teenagers need to learn that the moral traits they most value in others -- like compassion, respect, honesty, courage -- provide the basis, on a Biblical foundation, for a healthy view of sex.
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