Thursday, July 26, 2012

Journalist says we should stop "Disneyfying" Down syndrome

Daily Mail: 41-year-old Samantha Brick is desperate for a child and has undergone at least one cycle of IVF. But if she were to become pregnant, and if that child were found to have Down syndrome, she would have an abortion. Here's her reasoning:
'My first attempt at IVF failed and my husband I have discussed in depth and at length whether we could keep a baby diagnosed with Down's Syndrome.
'I live in France,I know that people there don't have the same support, I would have to send my baby to a centre on Monday morning and then welcome them back on Friday night.
'I already have a large family including ageing in laws with their own problems and so it's not just myself that I have to think about it is everyone else in the family and what the impact would be on them.'
'I actually think it would be selfish to HAVE that baby because of the impact on the local health services, the cost of raising that child and the support it would need.'
'My family and I have between us worked with hundreds of people with Downs Syndrome. Let's stop 'Disneyfying' this genetic condition and ensure families, and potential parents, can debate and discuss and have the full unbiased facts of exactly what they're getting into.'
Editor: Could she have said anything more offensive? And I'd like to know how Down syndrome has been "Disneyfied." 

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