Monday, July 30, 2012

Are Science Journalists Biased?

Are Science Journalists Biased? | the Human Future: “Science journalists” are among the most biased “reporters” writing in the media today. Certainly on the stem cell controversy, they joined — no led — the hysterical hype over embryonic stem cells and stifled adult stem cell good news, either by not reporting it — such as a study in which patients paralyzed with spinal cord injury regained feeling! — or by burying the story with faint reportage.

In other words, they would drive ESCR stories, and maybe or maybe not report more notable adult stories, and often damning with faint praise — while also being sure to put in a reference to the greater hope offered by embryonic. It happened so often, I thought of it as a template. Then there was the trick of using the term “stem cells” when it was adult, intended to make the reader think embryonic.

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