Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Why PRENDA won but lost... but won

Why PRENDA won but lost... but won: PRENDA (the Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act) is not dead. It is still live and can be called again for a vote at any time, leaving the other side to worry whether they will see PRENDA return to the House floor for another vote yet this year. The inevitable passage of PRENDA has taken its first step. And the other side was lured into the debate, which will turn out to be quite unhelpful for them. 

Comments by Wesley J. Smith: Pro lifers are attacking the abortion license piece, by piece, by piece. Expect . . . federal and state legislation seeking to outlaw sex selection abortion. (Four states already do, but this will really raise the profile of the issue.) That would put the pro choice side into a tight political box. If they let it go, they would be admitting that there is a reason for abortion that is so illegitimate it should be outlawed. But if they oppose, they are in the position of defending sex selection. I predict that latter will be seen as preferable to the former. Thus, once such a law is enacted, look for PP, other pro choice groups and the ACLU to sueto legally prevent the legal prevention of sex selection abortions. That would transform “female feticide”into the next “partial birth abortion” and materially help the pro life cause.

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