Friday, June 15, 2012

No pro-life movement, no guilt over abortion? Guess again

Japanese Women’s Choice between Abortion and Adoption - The Japan Daily Press: We were told years ago that women in Japan don’t suffer after abortion. There is no taboo on abortion here, no “preaching” against it, no opposition to it, no clear belief system that condemns it. The conventional wisdom was that there was no real fallout from this all-too-common practice here. Of course, in America there was suffering because of the culture, so it was thought.

It is an interesting question. Why are so many Japanese women suffering from post-abortion stress? We have heard from women who had abortions decades ago, yet they can’t forget or forgive themselves and all those who pressured them to do it. They were most often pressured by parents, especially moms, who surely thought they were doing what was best for their daughter. But though all around them said abortion was the only way, they often can’t seem to move on.

. . . Japanese Buddhism has created a system to help women deal with aborted babies. This practice involves prayers for the souls of the babies to be at peace and not trouble their mothers. It is a money-based system and urges women to repeat the process when heavy feelings again depress them. Whatever you may think of this, it at least acknowledges that the babies are human and their mothers are suffering. While this may seem obvious, it hasn’t been obvious to many all over the world.
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