Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Ask Mr. Dad: Abortion not just a women's issue

Ask Mr. Dad: Abortion not just a women's issue - KansasCity.com: The Kansas City Star's Mr. Dad advice columnist was asked what men can do when their partner wants an abortion: "My girlfriend is pregnant. We'd talked about having children someday but hadn't expected it would happen so soon. She wants to terminate the pregnancy. But all of a sudden I'm feeling very depressed. I really want to be a dad and her decision to have an abortion is going to put an end to that dream, at least for a while. I've always thought of myself as pro choice, but now that the decision affects me, I'm not so sure. Do I have a vote here?"

This is a pertinent question in light of Father's Day coming up. Mr. Dad didn't do too badly. Here are some resources concerning dad's and abortion.

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