Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Louder than the ‘Silent Scream’: the deafening silence of our pulpits

Louder than the ‘Silent Scream’: the deafening silence of our pulpits | In the months since Rolley Haggard published We Could End Abortion ‘Overnight’—If We Really Wanted To at, he's been stunned by "the thunderous silence from evangelical pastors. I’ve gotten loads of feedback from lay evangelicals and Catholics—clergy and laypersons alike—but almost nothing from evangelical ministers. It has left me wondering, 'Do they agree? Do they disagree? Does this register even the slightest flutter on their moral seismograph?'

"So this time I’m explicitly soliciting feedback. Help me understand. You who pastor an evangelical church, what do you think of this 'One-Minute Strategy' to end abortion? It seems to me that to say nothing about it is to say everything."
Editor: For what it's worth, here's why I believe his idea is not coherent -- Is there an overnight solution to abortion?
After reading some of the comments to Haggard's follow-up article, I would add a few thoughts to my original response. I have heard of pastors that speak out against abortion too often, perhaps to the point of trying the patience of their congregation. And no one wants to hear a political "spot" every week. It wouldn't always be appropriate.
We need pastoral leadership on this issue, but in a wholistic manner. There's a problem that no one speaks about -- that of making pregnancy from sexual sin something to cover up. Abortion is the perfect solution if you want to hid your sexual sin. As I said before, all sin stems from the heart, and abortion is tied especially to sexual sin. 
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