Friday, August 17, 2012

Captain Witold Pilecki: The Auschwitz Volunteer

Captain Witold Pilecki: The Auschwitz Volunteer | Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform: Witold Pilecki purposely got himself rounded up with Polish Jews so he could discover and document what was going on in Auschwitz. From the essay:
He worked swiftly to organize an inmate resistance movement, and kept a detailed account of the horrors he witnessed in a notebook he smuggled past the guards. Starting November 1940, the first accounts of the genocide that was occurring were sent to the resistance forces in the outside world, often with prisoners who escaped.
The resistance army was completely in disbelief about the horrors Pilecki described. They refused to accept the horrific reality of the ovens, the gas chambers, and the injections used to murder people. They thought Pilecki was exaggerating and refused to send troops to help with Pilecki’s proposed uprising.
It took two and a half years for Pilecki’s messages to reach the British and American authorities. Once again they were ignored and dismissed as “exaggerations.”
These were, sadly, not the most atrocious parts of his story.

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