Friday, April 13, 2012

Mum with two Down’s children challenges abortion culture

Christian Institute: A couple who have two children with Down’s syndrome, including one they adopted, have spoken of the joys of bringing them up – but criticised the culture of aborting children with the condition. Amanda Hazell, who is also a GP, criticised the “negativity” about Down’s in the medical profession.

“As a GP, I see it first hand. The very fact that expectant mothers can be tested for it is suggestive of it being a bad thing; that if your test is positive, the ‘difficulty’ can be ‘sorted’ with a termination.” Their children, Freddie and Mimi, “bring us a richness, a fulfilment we wouldn’t have known if they hadn’t come into our lives. Mimi lives for swimming and painting and Freddie loves acting out scenes with his toys.”

She also criticised the language used in the medical profession – saying Down’s Syndrome is talked about as “a ‘risk’ rather than a possibility.”

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