Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Working Wednesday: Baby Bottle Boomerang

If you could see Sharlene's office right now you'd wonder, "What's she doing with all these baby bottles?"

She's busy packing them up for several churches that have agreed to conduct Baby Bottle Boomerang campaigns in January, surrounding Sanctity of Human Life Sunday.

What's a Baby Bottle Boomerang, you ask? It's a donation drive in support of the the pro-life ministries of Life Matters Worldwide. Churches distribute empty baby bottles to church members and return them to us at the end of the campaign full of coins collected from pockets and seat cushions. It's a fun project for families and a good opportunity parents and children to discuss the sanctity of human life.

Here's our President, Tom Lothamer, to explain more:

Baby Bottle Boomerang: Message for Pastors on Vimeo.

To find out how to a Baby Bottle Boomerang at your church, click here or email Sharlene.

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