Friday, December 14, 2012

Friday feature: Beacon of Hope PCC -- Bay City, MI

Life Matters has been associated with this pregnancy care center from its founding by our good friends Kim and Patti Lewis. They served the Lord in the Bay City a number of years -- Kim as a pastor and Patti as director of Beacon of Hope -- before recently moving to another church in Beaverton, MI, last year.

Leadership of the PCC is now in the hands of young and energetic Amy Srebinski. A few months ago, however, the mother of four was feeling a little overwhelmed by all her new responsibilities. She called our office. Even though she had no experience directing a center, she seemed to know what she didn't know, and that's often a key to success.

We were able to advise her on a few things, urge her to attend next year's Summit, welcome her as an associate, and give her a Standards for Excellence manual. We also introduced her to Carolyn Doyle, CEO of Lakeshore Pregnancy Centers.

Amy spent a few days on this side of the state, consulting with Sharlene from our office as well as participating in a training seminar at LPC. She also got to sit in on a meeting with directors of all the Lakeshore satellite centers. She probably felt overloaded with information on her way home, but we've already seen an uptick in her confidence level.

We're grateful for the privilege of working alongside directors like Amy -- made possible by our donors, years of experience working in this field, and a fine network of partner centers.

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