Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday feature: Faith Baptist Community Center

In our partnerships with missionaries, we're usually talking about helping form pro-life ministries overseas. But in this instance of working with missionaries from Baptist Mid-Missions, we're referring to inner-city Cleveland.

Faith Baptist Community Church and Center was founded in BMM's backyard -- their "Jerusalem" -- and continues to be operated by missionaries from that agency. As director Mike Vanek writes, America’s inner cities cannot be forgotten as fields "ripe for harvest."

The community center offers a wide range of services, including:
  • Meal program
  • Clothing room
  • Medical
  • Pregnancy services
  • Computer classes
  • Interdependent living program
  • Men’s programs
  • Women’s programs
  • Children and Teen programs
  • Sunday School & Church service
  • Prayer meeting
  • Discipleship
Pregnancy services are where we came in to help. In addition to consultation on the start-up of ministry to pregnant women, we helped FBCCC obtain their first ultrasound equipment. They not only offer support at the start of a pregnancy, but help women learn proper pre-natal and infant care through one-on-one and video instruction.

How to help:
  • Pray for Sherri Vanek, the clinical coordinator, and Jen Lake, the pregnancy program coordinator
  • Volunteer opportunities abound
  • Donations are welcome, and not limited to funding - food, paper products, gently used clothing, personal hygiene products, OTC medications and medical supplies, new baby items (check website for details)

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