Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday feature: A question that makes all the difference

I've written about Metro Women's Center of Crystal, MN, in the past, but Director Colleen Tronson keeps writing such good reports that I want to share them with you.

(Hint to other PCCs that want to be featured in this space: Send frequent updates and make sure we're on your email list. It doesn't hurt if you also know how to write in a dynamic, compelling style.)

In her latest e-newsletter, she writes something that any PCC director could write:
The woman came into the office with downcast eyes and and a heavy heart. I prayed silently that I would be able to make a connection with her. My initial questions were met with one-word answers -- yes or no. Since her head was bent in discouragement, I longed to say, "Look up; there is help and hope for you here!" But I knew that this dear one needed me to go slowly and to use gentle words to help her. She gradually opened up and looked up. She shared her fear of a possible pregnancy. She was already struggling to raise her young daughter. My heart went out to her; there was so much to plow through.

Her test was positive. She was resolute. Abortion was her plan, and that was all there was to it! I asked, "What would have to change in order for you to choose life for your child?" She shared that her rent was behind due to unexpected car repairs. Even with working 50 hours a week, she was still overwhelmed. She stated that she knew abortion was wrong but it represented a way out for her. She needed $300 to catch up on the rent. I told her we could help with that amount through our aid programs. "Really, you would help me?" was her shocked response. I told her that if $300 would save her baby's life, we would be happy to help!

She began to cry and and to thank me for giving her a way out. We talked further, and I had the opportunity to share Scripture with her. She said she knew the Lord but had not chosen to obey Him. I John 1:9 was shared, and through prayer this dear one was restored.

$300 and compassionate words saved a baby's life -- amazing! This is why we are here.
It's a story true of any pregnancy care center. Of course, centers can't help women this way without the support and volunteers to make such offers.

They need prayer support too. I love how Colleen remembered to "go slowly and to use gentle words" to help the woman. This takes training and proper attitudes, but also prompting by the Holy Spirit in the moment to apply the appropriate response. 

In that same vein, we just received a prayer request from another pro-life ministry that's also been featured previously (which also sends frequent, compelling updates):
Please pray for a Garden of Hope caller who, even after finding out she is carrying twins, is seeking a place for an abortion. This young mother already has two small children and we believe is being pushed into this abortion by a very difficult boyfriend who seems very agitated that this decision is so hard for her. 
In talking with him he tells us she wants the abortion. His angry, hostile attitude in our conversations with him and her brokenness and tears and confusion in our conversations with her lead us to believe she is being pushed. Please pray that God would give her the courage to step away from this man and flee to the ones who have offered her help, love and care for all areas of her life. 
We pray that our words about the option of adoption would prick her heart, as well, and that she would turn from what she is about to do. Please seek God's intervention in the life of "B" and protect her and her precious little ones from Satan's snare.
You see how crucial prayer is to pro-life ministry? Lives are at stake!

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